Government reduction.

Authors: Representative Jud McMillin

Co-authors: Representative Eric Allan Koch, Representative Todd Huston, Representative Terry Goodin

Sponsors: Senator Scott Schneider, Senator James Buck, Senator Philip Boots

Advisors: Representative Brian Bosma, Representative Gail Riecken


Terminates Indiana's participation in the Midwest Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord as of a certain date. Repeals the law concerning cancellation and reissuance by the auditor of state on certain outstanding warrants. Repeals law concerning a prohibition on construction of fences and bleachers on Evansville State Hospital property. Removes provisions allowing for violent crime victims compensation funding for loss or disability of a law enforcement animal. Specifies the rate of interest related to certain state payments is based on the average yield on state general fund money. Amends or repeals certain motor vehicles provisions, including references to street cars, buses, motorcycle permits, suspension of driving privileges, operating on an expired vehicle merchandising license, and specialized driving privileges. Removes funds used by the division of family resources in relation to programs for individuals with developmental disabilities from the list of funds to which the law concerning the financial services group of the office of the secretary of family and social services applies. Repeals the law concerning continuance of prosecution, treatment, and probation for individuals charged with or convicted of felonies related to drug or alcohol abuse and supervised by the division of mental health and addiction. Repeals provisions for voluntary and involuntary addiction treatment by the division of mental health and addiction. Changes the membership of the underground petroleum storage tank financial assurance board. Makes corrections to references to defunct environmental boards and language suggesting the existence of multiple boards with environmental rulemaking power. Repeals the responsible property transfer law. Repeals the pest control compact. Strikes a provision allowing the commissioner of labor to obtain assistance from the state department of health with respect to an unsafe or unsanitary workplace. Repeals the law concerning payroll bonds. Provides for an employer letter requested by a terminating employee to state whether the employee quit or was involuntarily discharged and repeals a provision making a violation a Class C infraction. Changes the frequency of occupational safety standards commission meetings. Repeals a provision regulating distress sales. Removes a provision requiring foreign and alien insurers to file applications in duplicate. Provides for juvenile court judge appointment of magistrates. Makes conforming amendments.