School safety levy and school protection officers.

Authors: Representative Alan Morrison

Co-authors: Representative Sheila Klinker, Representative Mara Candelaria Reardon


Specifies that a school corporation may impose a school safety improvement property tax levy if a majority of the individuals in the school district who vote in a referendum on the tax levy approve the imposition of the tax levy. Provides that if a referendum is approved and a school corporation imposes a school safety improvement property tax levy, the tax revenue must be deposited in a school safety improvement fund and may be used by the school corporation only to pay the costs of: (1) employing a school resource officer or school protection officer, or entering into a contract to employ a school resource officer or school protection officer; (2) conducting a threat assessment of the buildings in the school corporation; (3) purchasing or leasing capital improvements, equipment, or technology that is used to prevent unauthorized access to school property or to expedite notification of first responders; (4) developing and implementing a school safety plan; or (5) paying the school corporation's share of any matching grants awarded from the Indiana safe schools fund or from the Indiana secured school fund. Specifies the powers, duties, and responsibilities of a school protection officer regarding school safety.