Redistricting commission.

Authors: Representative Jerry Torr

Co-authors: Representative Brian Bosma, Representative Milo Smith, Representative Terry Goodin, Representative Justin Moed, Representative Wes Culver, Representative Richard Hamm, Representative Dan Forestal

Sponsors: Senator Michael Delph, Senator Timothy Lanane


Establishes a redistricting commission (commission) to create, hold hearings on, take public comment about, and recommend plans to redraw general assembly districts and congressional districts. Requires the legislative services agency (agency) to provide staff and administrative services to the commission. Establishes standards to govern the commission and the agency in the creation of redistricting plans. Provides that if the Constitution of the State of Indiana does not require the general assembly to establish legislative districts, the commission's recommendations for legislative and congressional districts become the plans that define those districts. Provides that, if the Constitution so requires, the general assembly must meet and enact redistricting plans before October 1 of a redistricting year. Authorizes the general assembly to convene in a session to act on redistricting bills at times other than the times the general assembly is currently authorized to meet. Repeals the current law establishing a redistricting commission for congressional redistricting.