Child care and development fund eligibility.

Authors: Representative Kevin Mahan

Co-authors: Representative Milo Smith, Representative Rebecca Kubacki, Representative Karlee Macer, Representative Edward Clere, Representative Dan Forestal, Representative Ronald Bacon, Representative Cindy Ziemke, Representative Vanessa Summers, Representative Sheila Klinker, Representative Gail Riecken, Representative Linda Lawson

Sponsors: Senator Greg Walker, Senator Greg Taylor, Senator Travis Holdman

Co-Sponsors: Senator Mark Stoops

Advisors: Representative Milo Smith, Representative Karlee Macer


Specifies health, education, safety, and training requirements that a child care provider must meet as a condition of eligibility to receive a federal Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) voucher payment. Specifies that in determining whether a provider meets the CCDF eligibility requirements, the division of family resources may not consider religious instruction or activities. Provides for decertification of eligibility. Requires certain reporting related to safety of children. Requires certain information to be prepared and distributed concerning the duty to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect. Allows the state department of health to release to certain child care providers information from the immunization data registry.