Indiana grown initiative.

Authors: Representative Matthew Lehman

Co-authors: Representative David Ober, Representative Casey Cox, Representative Don Lehe, Representative Sheila Klinker, Representative Robert Cherry, Representative Terry Goodin, Representative Kreg Battles, Representative Doug Gutwein, Representative Alan Morrison, Representative Ronald Bacon, Representative Greg Beumer, Representative Thomas Dermody, Representative William Friend, Representative Sharon Negele, Representative David Niezgodski, Representative B Patrick Bauer, Representative Dennis Zent

Sponsors: Senator Ronald Grooms, Senator James Buck, Senator Susan Glick

Co-Sponsors: Senator Richard Young, Senator Lonnie Randolph, Senator John Waterman


Establishes the Indiana grown initiative to market and promote Indiana produced agricultural products. Establishes a commission appointed by the secretary of agriculture and rural development. Provides for the department of agriculture (department) to develop, administer, market, and promote the Indiana grown initiative program (program). Provides for the department to establish fees for participation in the program. Allows the department to adopt rules concerning the program. Requires the Indiana grown commission (commission) to provide comment and policy feedback on the program to the department. Allows the commission to provide technical assistance and industry knowledge for the program. Creates the Indiana grown initiative fund.