School bus camera enforcement devices.

Authors: Representative Milo Smith

Co-authors: Representative Edmond Soliday, Representative Terry Goodin, Representative B Patrick Bauer

Sponsors: Senator Michael Crider, Senator Greg Walker


Provides that a school corporation or a nonpublic school (school) may use a video recording device (device) on a school bus to capture digital images of a vehicle that is being operated in violation of school bus arm signal device traffic laws (violation). Provides that a school may enter into an enforcement agreement with a contractor for camera enforcement by the device. Requires a school that utilizes devices on a school bus to ensure that certain indicator and warning lights on the school bus function when the arm signal device is in use. Provides that a school shall enter into an agreement with a law enforcement agency to review images from the device and prepare and mail a complaint and summons for specific civil penalties for the violation to the owner of the vehicle. Provides that costs may not be collected above the civil penalty for the violation, and that the bureau of motor vehicles may not assess points against a driver's license under the point system for a violation.