Heritage barns.

Authors: Representative Robert Cherry

Co-authors: Representative Jeffrey Thompson, Representative Edward Clere, Representative P Eric Turner, Representative Greg Beumer, Representative Doug Gutwein, Representative Milo Smith, Representative Don Lehe, Representative Peggy Mayfield, Representative Heath VanNatter, Representative Eric Allan Koch, Representative William Friend, Representative Mark Messmer, Representative Sharon Negele, Representative Robert Heaton, Representative Matthew Ubelhor, Representative Kathy Richardson, Representative Todd Huston, Representative Edward DeLaney, Representative Kreg Battles, Representative Randall Frye, Representative Sheila Klinker

Sponsors: Senator John Waterman, Senator Brandt Hershman, Senator Brent Steele

Co-Sponsors: Senator Timothy Skinner

Advisors: Representative Jeffrey Thompson, Representative Greg Beumer, Representative Edward DeLaney, Representative Sheila Klinker


Permits a person to receive a 100% property tax deduction against the assessed value of a barn that qualifies as a heritage barn. Requires the office of tourism development to promote heritage barns. Permits a county to impose a public safety fee up to $50 for each heritage barn receiving a deduction.