Department of child services.

Authors: Representative Kevin Mahan

Co-authors: Representative Karlee Macer, Representative Rebecca Kubacki, Representative Gail Riecken

Sponsors: Senator Travis Holdman, Senator Randall Head

Co-Sponsors: Senator Mark Stoops


Makes various changes to provisions concerning child welfare, including: (1) the contents of notices sent out by the director of the department of natural resources to individuals who are delinquent in paying child support; (2) the definition of "relative" for purposes of provisions concerning residential child care, collaborative care, the placement of children who are children in need of services, and juvenile delinquency; (3) the issuance and implementation of income withholding orders; (4) information reviewed by the residential placement committee; (5) the disclosure of reports and other materials concerning investigations and reports of children who are or are alleged to be children in need of services and child fatalities or near fatalities; and (6) the placement of children who are or alleged to be children in need of services. Makes a technical correction. Repeals a provision concerning foster care licenses.