Protections for community emergency response teams.

Authors: Representative Karlee Macer


Provides immunity from civil liability for community emergency response team (CERT) members performing CERT functions. Prohibits a public or private employer from disciplining an employee who is a CERT member for being absent from or leaving work when the employee is performing CERT functions, and allows a civil action against an employer who disciplines an employee for this reason. Authorizes a public or private employer to: (1) request proof that the employee was performing CERT functions when absent from work; and (2) require the employee to notify the employer of the expected absence before the employee's scheduled start time. Provides that a private or public employer other than the state is not required to pay salary or wages for time away from employment spent performing CERT functions. Specifies that the agent of a public employer other than the state who has authorized an absence for CERT purposes has not committed ghost employment.