Alcohol and tobacco matters.

Authors: Representative Thomas Dermody

Co-authors: Representative Philip GiaQuinta, Representative Sean Eberhart

Sponsors: Senator Carlin Yoder, Senator Brandt Hershman, Senator James Banks

Co-Sponsors: Senator Timothy Skinner, Senator Lonnie Randolph

Advisors: Representative Eric Allan Koch, Representative Mark Messmer, Representative Terri Jo Austin


Allows the department of natural resources to permit, in the terms of a lease or contract concerning state owned land under the management and control of the department, the retail sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the licensed premises of an inn if the lessee or concessionaire applies for and secures the necessary permits. (Current law allows only for a lease or contract that concerns federally owned land under the control and management of the department.) Allows the holder of an artisan distiller's permit that also holds a microbrewery permit to hold a retailer permit for a restaurant. Makes a change to the requirement that qualifies a retail tobacco store or cigar specialty store to allow smoking on the premises to provide that the store may not sell food or beverages in a manner that requires consumption on the premises. (Current law provides that the store may not sell food or beverages for consumption on the premises.) Provides that the requirement to post a sign concerning no smoking within eight feet of a public entrance does not apply to a public place or place of employment in which smoking is allowed. Makes a correction.