Administrative adjudication.

Authors: Representative Eric Allan Koch

Sponsors: Senator Brandt Hershman, Senator Brent Steele

Co-Sponsors: Senator Lonnie Randolph


Authorizes an agency to share an administrative law judge with another agency. Requires the inspector general to adopt a statewide code of judicial conduct for administrative law judges. Provides that an administrative law judge who is not the ultimate authority or a member of the ultimate authority must: (1) be an attorney; or (2) have served as an administrative law judge before January 1, 2014. Prohibits the ultimate authority from communicating with certain persons, including: (1) a party; (2) a person with an interest in the outcome; or (3) a person who presided at an earlier stage of the proceeding; concerning a matter pending before or adjudicated by an administrative law judge if there is a reasonable likelihood that the ultimate authority will be called upon to review or issue a final order with respect to the matter. Requires and agency to disclose certain information relating to administrative law judges employed by the agency. Specifies when a party has standing to obtain judicial review of an agency action. Requires that an agency's rulemaking docket must contain certain additional information.