Hearing aids.

Authors: Representative B Patrick Bauer

Co-authors: Representative Edward Clere, Representative Timothy Brown, Representative Gregory Porter

Sponsors: Senator Patricia Miller, Senator Jean Breaux

Co-Sponsors: Senator John Broden

Advisors: Representative Harold Slager, Representative Eric Allan Koch, Representative Robin Shackleford


Amends the definition of "hearing aid" and defines "personal sound amplifier". Makes a correction to the name of an association. Provides that a person may not sell, lease, or rent a hearing aid in Indiana unless the hearing aid has been fitted in person by a hearing aid dealer or an audiologist. Exempts certain persons who issue a prescription or order for a hearing aid from the requirement. Provides a Class B infraction for violations. Requires the state department of health to report information to the legislative council concerning: (1) the number of minors who are hearing impaired; and (2) the estimated cost for a state program and a health insurance requirement to provide hearing aids to those minors.