Authors: Representative Kevin Mahan

Co-authors: Representative Jud McMillin, Representative Linda Lawson

Sponsors: Senator James Tomes, Senator R Michael Young

Co-Sponsors: Senator Lonnie Randolph


Requires the department of correction (department) to create policies that provide for a schedule of progressive parole incentives and violation sanctions, including judicial review procedures, and submit the policies to the parole board for review. Requires the parole board to review and approve the policies submitted by the department. Provides that if a parolee commits a new: (1) Level 1 felony or Level 2 felony, the parole board shall revoke parole; and (2) Level 3 felony, Level 4 felony, Level 5 felony, or Level 6 felony, the parole board may revoke parole. Provides that a parolee may be subject to progressive parole violation sanctions under certain circumstances.