Methamphetamine lab disclosure in property sales.

Authors: Representative Wendy McNamara

Co-authors: Representative David Ober, Representative Rebecca Kubacki, Representative Karlee Macer

Sponsors: Senator Randall Head

Co-Sponsors: Senator James Arnold

Advisors: Representative David Ober, Representative Eric Allan Koch, Representative Mara Candelaria Reardon, Representative Gail Riecken


Provides that the state police department (and not the Indiana criminal justice institute) maintains the methamphetamine laboratory web site (web site). Provides that a property used for the manufacture of methamphetamine may not be placed on the web site until 180 days after the methamphetamine laboratory is reported to the state police department, and specifies that the state police department may not place a property on the web site if it was decontaminated before being placed on the web site. Provides that a property must be removed from the web site in accordance with the statute that requires the web site to be established. Specifies that if methamphetamine is manufactured in an apartment of a multi-unit complex, only the specific unit in which the methamphetamine was manufactured may be included on the web site. Requires a person who manufactures methamphetamine on property owned by another person to pay restitution to the owner for the owner's actual damages, including lost rents and the costs of decontamination.