Game preserves.

Authors: Representative William Friend

Co-authors: Representative Matthew Ubelhor, Representative David Wolkins, Representative Mark Messmer


Provides for the licensing and operation of game preserves in which privately owned cervidae and game birds may be hunted. Provides for the maximum sale of 10 licenses to operate game preserves. Requires game preserve owners: (1) to pay a yearly license renewal fee; and (2) to provide annually a free program at the game preserve's facilities that promotes hunter safety or develops new hunters who are either less than 18 years of age or disabled. Provides that the owner of a game preserve is not required to possess a game breeder's license or shooting preserve license. Restricts the sale and transfer of ownership of an ownership interest in a game preserve. Establishes requirements for the operation of game preserves. Provides for the inspection of game preserves by the department of natural resources and the state board of animal health. Establishes record keeping requirements. Requires game preserve license fees to be deposited into a hunter safety education fund. Establishes the hunter safety education fund.