Criminal conversion of rented personal property.

Authors: Representative Woody Burton


Makes it criminal conversion, a Level 6 felony, for a person to knowingly or intentionally exert unauthorized control over the personal property of another person if the person: (1) acquires the personal property by a rental or lease agreement; (2) signs a written agreement to return the property to a specified location within a specified time; and (3) fails to return the property within 30 days after the specified time, or, during that 30 day period, within three days after receiving a written demand for return of the property, whichever is earlier. Provides that evidence that a person, after renting or leasing any personal property under a written agreement providing for the return of the property to a specified location at a specified time, failed to return the property to the specified location at the specified time constitutes prima facie evidence that the person exerted unauthorized control over the property.