Various commercial vehicle matters.

Authors: Representative Randall Frye

Co-authors: Representative Charles Moseley, Representative Jud McMillin, Representative Edward DeLaney

Sponsors: Senator James Merritt, Senator Thomas Wyss

Co-Sponsors: Senator John Broden


Makes various changes concerning the administration of the tax credit for natural gas powered vehicles. Excludes natural gas products from the definition of alternative fuel. Excludes alternative fuels from the definition of special fuel. Specifies that propane and butane are alternative fuels. Establishes an alternative fuel decal system. Provides that the road tax credit for motor carriers consuming compressed natural gas must be claimed on a quarterly basis. Makes numerous changes to the registration requirements for owners of commercial vehicles who register at least 25 vehicles that all have declared gross vehicle weights exceeding 26,000 pounds. Provides that the operator of a motor vehicle using compressed gas as a motor fuel is subject to the same nighttime operating requirements outside the corporate limits of a municipality as other vehicles and is permitted to carry flares or red-burning fuses.