Various education and school matters.

Authors: Representative Todd Huston

Co-authors: Representative Kreg Battles, Representative Dale DeVon, Representative Dan Forestal

Sponsors: Senator Carlin Yoder, Senator Dennis Kruse

Co-Sponsors: Senator John Broden

Advisors: Representative Dale DeVon, Representative Thomas Washburne, Representative Dan Forestal, Representative Sue Errington


Provides that if the parent, guardian, or court appointed special guardian of a child enrolled in a school requests a health care provider to disclose certain mental health information to the child's school, the health care provider shall provide the child's school the information. Prescribes the manner in which the information must be released and requires a principal or school leader to sign a confidentiality agreement concerning the release of the information. Prohibits a superintendent or school leader from excusing or excluding a student who was found to be mentally or physically unfit for school attendance if a physician, psychologist, or psychiatrist certifies that the student is fit for school attendance. Provides that the witness fee for an employee of a school district is $100. Provides civil immunity for a school, school employee, or school board for civil damages that are the result of: (1) an injury to a child or family members of a child if the injury is the result of a student's mental health issue that has not been disclosed to the school by the student's parent or guardian; or (2) referrals the school made or services the school offered concerning evaluations or treatment of the student's health.