Civil proceeding advance payment transactions.

Authors: Representative Matthew Lehman

Co-authors: Representative Martin Carbaugh, Representative Terri Jo Austin

Sponsors: Senator Travis Holdman, Senator Douglas Eckerty


Defines a "civil proceeding advance payment transaction", or "CPAP transaction", as a nonrecourse transaction in which a person ("CPAP provider") provides to a consumer claimant in a civil proceeding a funded amount, the repayment of which is: (1) required only if the consumer claimant prevails in the civil proceeding; and (2) sourced from the proceeds of the civil proceeding. Requires a CPAP provider to register with the department of insurance. Sets forth requirements, including disclosure requirements, for a contract (CPAP contract) entered into by a CPAP provider and a consumer claimant. Sets forth certain requirements and prohibitions with respect to CPAP transactions, including specifications for the contract amount. Specifies that a violation is an unfair and deceptive act or practice in the business of insurance. Specifies that a CPAP transaction is not a consumer loan or a loan for purposes of the Uniform Consumer Credit Code.