Teacher loan repayment.

Authors: Representative Justin Moed

Co-authors: Representative Lloyd Arnold, Representative Shelli VanDenburgh, Representative Robert Behning


Provides an educational loan repayment for a public elementary or high school teacher who: (1) was in the highest 20% of the individual's high school graduating classes or in the top twentieth percentile on the SAT or ACT examination; (2) graduated from college with at least a 3.5 grade point average; and (3) teaches science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or special education, or teaches in a critical shortage geographic area; in a public school in Indiana. Provides that at the end of the third consecutive year the teacher teaches, the commission for higher education makes a payment of $9,000 or the balance of the teacher's student loans (whichever is less) directly to the financial institution that holds the teacher's student loans.