Career and technical education; dual credit courses.

Authors: Representative Wendy McNamara

Co-authors: Representative Kevin Mahan, Representative Mark Messmer, Representative Brian Bosma, Representative Kreg Battles, Representative Randy Truitt, Representative Woody Burton, Representative Scott Pelath, Representative Shelli VanDenburgh, Representative Jim Lucas, Representative Sheila Klinker, Representative Lloyd Arnold, Representative Dennis Zent

Sponsors: Senator Dennis Kruse, Senator Ed Charbonneau

Co-Sponsors: Senator Timothy Skinner


Requires the Indiana career council to appoint a subcommittee that includes a member of each council and representatives of high school career and technical education programs, the department of education, community colleges, the commission for higher education, and industry to: (1) review the current Core 40 diploma course offerings; (2) make recommendations to the state board of education concerning changing course requirements, including the total number of academic credits required, changing the types of diplomas offered, and the need for a career and technical education diploma; and (3) examine and make recommendations concerning career and technical education offerings. Makes changes to the provision regarding the number of dual credit or advanced placement courses that must be provided by a high school. Provides that a student who is enrolled in a dual credit course must achieve at least a 2.0 on a 4.0 unweighted grading scale to enroll in subsequent related dual credit course work in the same subject area.