Property tax matters.

Authors: Representative Jeffrey Thompson

Co-authors: Representative Edward Clere, Representative David Ober

Sponsors: Senator Pete Miller, Senator Travis Holdman

Advisors: Representative David Ober, Representative Edward Clere, Representative Philip GiaQuinta


Requires county treasurers to mail property tax statements at least 15 business days, instead of 15 calendar days, before the first payment is due. Provides that an employee of an assessor's office or an appraiser may not serve as a voting member of the property tax assessment board of appeals (PTABOA) in the county where the individual is employed. Allows a county fiscal body to waive certification requirements for certain members of the PTABOA appointed by the fiscal body. Provides that a school corporation with a majority of its property tax levies imposed in LaPorte County may, before September 1, 2014, transfer from the school corporation's debt service fund to the school corporation's rainy day fund a total amount equal to not more than 20% of the school corporation's 2014 certified debt service fund budget. Establishes assessor, appraiser, and tax representative standards of conduct. Establishes a certification appeal board to conduct appeals brought by assessors and employees of assessors whose certifications are revoked by the department of local government finance.