HPV education.

Authors: Representative Sue Errington

Co-authors: Representative Earl Harris, Representative Robin Shackleford


Requires a parent of a grade 6 student to submit a written statement to the student's school that the student has received or is receiving the immunization against human papillomavirus (HPV), that the parent has decided not to have the student immunized, or that the parent chooses not to inform the school of whether the student will be or has been immunized. (Current law requires the statement from a parent of a grade 6 female student.) Requires a school to provide certain information about HPV that is prescribed by the department of health (department) to the parents of all grade 6 students. (Current law requires that the information be given to the parents of grade 6 female students.) Requires a school to file a written report with the department stating the number of students who have received the immunization and the number of students who have not received the immunization. (Under current law, the report relates only to female students.) Requires the department to establish a program to provide information about HPV to parents, health care providers, and other individuals approved to administer the HPV vaccine and to establish goals and plans to increase the vaccination rate for the HPV infection. Requires the department to prepare an annual report concerning the program.