Bureau of motor vehicles fees.

Authors: Representative Edmond Soliday

Co-authors: Representative Timothy Brown

Sponsors: Senator Thomas Wyss, Senator James Arnold

Advisors: Representative Jeffrey Thompson, Representative Karlee Macer


Amends and codifies various bureau of motor vehicle (BMV) fees and related distributions to conform to BMV practice following the settlement of fee related litigation. Amends various statutes governing the secretary of state's dealer services division to preserve existing authority to impose, collect, and distribute certain fees. Authorizes the BMV to modify a Purple Heart license plate for issuance to an individual who is eligible for both a Purple Heart license plate and a disability placard or license plate. Provides that the photograph on a license or permit must be a digital color photograph, with certain exceptions. Requires the secretary of state to adopt emergency rules concerning the elimination of dealer-wholesale license plates and wholesale dealer licenses. Voids BMV rules rendered obsolete by the codification of fees and distributions. Resolves conflicts among and between various enrolled acts.