Various motor vehicle issues.

Authors: Representative Jud McMillin

Sponsors: Senator R Michael Young

Co-Sponsors: Senator Lonnie Randolph


Makes various changes to criminal law provisions in motor vehicle law. Modifies statutes concerning driver's license suspension and revocation. Modifies the duties of an operator of a motor vehicle if the operator is involved in certain accidents. Modifies the definition of "highway work zone". Repeals sections concerning "street cars". Repeals certain motor vehicle fraud provisions, and creates a new motor vehicle fraud statute. Creates specialized driving privileges. Requires the bureau of motor vehicles to adopt rules to specify reasonable grounds for suspension or revocation of driving privileges, driver's licenses, certificates of registration, or license plates. Provides that a motor vehicle may be stopped to determine compliance with motor vehicle window tinting standards but may not be inspected, searched, or detained solely because of a violation of window tinting standards. Creates the habitual vehicular substance offender designation and sentencing. Requires: (1) the state department of toxicology (department) to develop standards and testing for ignition interlock devices (devices); and (2) all devices used in Indiana after July 1, 2015 to be certified under rules adopted by the department. Requires a vendor or provider of devices to: (1) report to the court or court's designee certain occurrences concerning the use of devices; and (2) provide any reports or data requested by the department.