School discipline.

Authors: Representative Gregory Porter


Provides that, not later than July 1, 2015, the department of education (department) shall develop, maintain, and make available to schools and school corporations a model evidence based plan for improving behavior and discipline within schools. Provides that a charter school and a school corporation shall establish an evidence based plan for improving student behavior and discipline. Provides that the department, in collaboration with certain entities, shall provide assistance to a charter school or school corporation in the implementation of the charter school or school corporation's plan. Requires a school corporation and charter school to compile and report certain information relating to disciplinary and law enforcement action. Requires the department to develop criteria and guidelines for determining the existence of disproportionality in discipline or inappropriately high rates of suspensions, expulsions, referrals to law enforcement, and arrests. Requires the department to work with schools to take corrective action on disproportionality in discipline and high rates of suspensions and expulsions. Requires the department to develop a searchable data base concerning a school corporation's use of school discipline and referral to law enforcement. Establishes the positive discipline practice program fund (fund). Provides that a school corporation may apply to the department to receive a grant from the fund to be used to assist in the reduction of disproportionality in discipline and to establish positive disciplinary practices. Repeals a provision that establishes a reporting requirement for school corporations relating to school safety. Provides that provisions relating to school discipline apply to charter schools. Makes various changes to provisions relating to school discipline to reduce student exclusion from school. Repeals a provision that provides that a principal may require a student more than 16 years of age who wishes to enroll in school to attend certain alternative educational programs. Makes an appropriation.