Dairy products.

Authors: Representative Don Lehe

Co-authors: Representative Sheila Klinker

Sponsors: Senator Carlin Yoder


Provides that certain notices concerning animal health, animal products, milk products, and livestock brands may be sent by mail. (Current law requires any mailings to be by registered or certified mail.) Provides that a bulk milk hauler/sampler permit expires two years after the most recent inspection. Replaces the grader permit with an approved industry plant sampler at certain facilities that transfer raw milk. Specifies when certain milk samples must be collected. Provides that the creamery examining board (board) may refuse to issue or reissue a milk tester's license or milk sampler's license to a person who has had a prior suspension or revocation of either license by the board or by another state. Changes the protocols, procedures, and penalties that may be used to prevent drug residue violations. Removes the prohibition of serving certain milk products that have not been maintained at certain temperatures. Removes certain drainage requirements for iced milk products. Changes an organization that elects members to the creamery examining board. Establishes procedures to appoint members on the creamery examining board if the appointing organization is unable to elect a member. Allows the creamery license division to inspect records or collect data on the quantity of milk and cream in plants. Removes the requirement that all standard Babcock testing glassware must be inspected by Purdue University. Removes the temporary permit to test or sample and weigh either milk or cream. Makes a technical correction. Makes conforming changes.