School bus safety.

Authors: Representative Heath VanNatter

Co-authors: Representative Gail Riecken, Representative Christina Hale, Representative Dennis Zent

Sponsors: Senator Carlin Yoder, Senator Dennis Kruse

Co-Sponsors: Senator Earline Rogers, Senator John Broden


Provides that the driver of a special purpose bus or school bus (bus) at the time of the inspection shall be notified of an out-of-service order and a copy shall be made available on the Internet web site of the state police department. (Current law provides that a copy of the out-of-service order is to be forwarded to the governing body of the school corporation that controls the operation of the bus.) Requires the state school bus committee to adopt and enforce rules that require that each school bus placed into service for the first time bear in black letter on the back of the school bus: (1) an indication that the school bus is required to stop at all railroad crossings; and (2) the name of the school corporation. Provides that an individual who is or intends to become a school bus driver must obtain a physical examination certificate from an individual who is registered in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. Provides that a school corporation shall determine how a certified medical examiner who is to conduct the physical examination is chosen and who must pay for the physical examination.