Winery and brewery sharing licensed premises.

Authors: Representative David Ober


Allows a person who holds a microbrewery permit and a farm winery permit to operate the microbrewery and farm winery in all or part of the same building or part of a building. Allows the holder of a microbrewers' permit to serve complimentary samples of beer in an outside area that is contiguous to the microbrewery. Allows a microbrewery, a farm winery, or a premises that contains both, to provide an outside area contiguous to the premises, where consumers can consume beer or wine purchased by the glass on the premises. Allows a microbrewery and a farm winery that occupy all or part of the same premises to offer complimentary samples of the microbrewery's beer and the farm winery's wine in one room of the building occupied by the microbrewery and the farm winery.