Epinephrine in institutions of higher education.

Authors: Representative David Ober

Co-authors: Representative Steven Davisson, Representative Jim Lucas, Representative Vernon Smith

Sponsors: Senator Patricia Miller, Senator Ronald Grooms

Co-Sponsors: Senator Lonnie Randolph

Advisors: Representative Steven Davisson, Representative Edward Clere, Representative Sue Errington


Allows a postsecondary educational institution to develop a policy for the emergency administration of an auto-injectable epinephrine to a student, faculty member, or staff member under certain circumstances. Sets forth requirements for the policy and for those employees who act as trained designees and administer the epinephrine. Requires the state department of health to set forth guidelines for the policies. Allows a health care provider to write a prescription for epinephrine for a postsecondary educational institution and allows a pharmacist to dispense the prescription. Requires storage of the epinephrine in a safe location. Provides for civil immunity for licensed campus medical professionals, trained designees, and certain healthcare providers in the administration of epinephrine in compliance with the policy and guidelines.