Package liquor store license ownership transfers.

Authors: Representative Gail Riecken


Provides that the alcohol and tobacco commission (commission) may consider denying an application to renew or transfer only the ownership of a liquor dealer permit for a package liquor store (package liquor permit) if the commission: (1) determines that the business is in a residential district and the business will unreasonably interfere with the peace, comfort, or enjoyment of the life and property of the occupants of the district; or (2) receives a remonstrance bearing the signatures of at least 51% of the registered voters of the residential district. (Under current law this provision applies only to an application for a new retailer permit or a new liquor dealer permit.) Requires the commission to consider the continued desirability of the location for which a permit was issued in approving a renewal or an ownership transfer of a package liquor permit. (Current law requires the commission to consider these factors only if the application is for a new permit or the transfer of the location of an existing permit.)