Moped registration and operation.

Authors: Representative Milo Smith

Co-authors: Representative Cindy Kirchhofer, Representative Michael Karickhoff, Representative Timothy Neese


Repeals the term "motorized bicycle", and replaces the term with "moped". Requires registration for mopeds with the bureau of motor vehicles (bureau), with a registration fee equal to that of a motorcycle. Requires that certain funds received from the registration of a moped must be deposited in the motorcycle operator safety education fund. Authorizes the bureau to adopt rules concerning registration of mopeds. Provides that a moped is not required to be titled with the bureau. Provides that mopeds are subject to county motor vehicle excise surtax and motor vehicle excise tax. Provides that a moped may not be operated when carrying more persons than the moped is designed and equipped to carry. Requires the operator of a moped to obey all applicable motor vehicle laws. Prohibits a moped from being operated at a speed that exceeds: (1) 35 miles per hour on a highway not part of the state highway system; (2) 45 miles per hour on a highway designated as part of the state highway system; or (3) the posted speed limit. Provides that a moped must be operated in the right-hand lane, except when making a left turn. Requires a dealer who sells at least 12 mopeds a year after December 31, 2014, to register as a dealer with the secretary of state. Specifies that the operator of a moped is not required to have proof of financial responsibility in effect on the moped. Repeals the term "motor scooter". Makes conforming changes. Makes technical corrections. Repeals an obsolete statute concerning a study topic of the joint study committee on transportation and infrastructure assessment and solutions.