Authors: Representative Sharon Negele


Provides the following with regard to an annexation for which an annexation ordinance is adopted after April 1, 2014: (1) With certain exceptions, prohibits a municipality from amending the annexation ordinance or fiscal plan after the date the annexation ordinance is introduced. (2) Provides that if a court finds that an annexation remonstrance petition is sufficient, the court shall order the annexation not to take place. (3) Provides that the only issue addressed in a remonstrance hearing is the sufficiency of the annexation remonstrance petition. (4) Requires the municipality in the fiscal plan to provide information about capital improvements and financing and the estimated effect of the annexation on taxpayers. (5) Requires a municipality to submit an annexation fiscal plan to the department of local government finance (DLGF) and to post the annexation fiscal plan on the municipality's web site before the public hearing on the annexation. (6) Requires the DLGF to review and comment on the annexation fiscal plan, and post the comments on the DLGF's web site before the date of the public hearing. (7) Requires the annexing municipality to pay the DLGF's expenses in conducting the review and preparing the comments.