Environmental fees and expenses.

Authors: Representative David Wolkins

Sponsors: Senator Ed Charbonneau

Co-Sponsors: Senator Lonnie Randolph


Provides that the hazardous waste disposal fee (which replaces the hazardous waste disposal tax), the fee on the disposal or incineration of solid waste, and the annual registration fee paid by owners of underground storage tanks shall be collected by the department of environmental management instead of the department of state revenue. Provides that 75% of the revenue from the hazardous waste disposal fee shall be deposited in the hazardous substance response fund and 25% shall be paid over to the county in which the hazardous waste is disposed of. Provides that: (1) 50% of the registration fees paid in connection with underground petroleum storage tanks and deposited in the petroleum trust fund shall be used to pay for corrective actions that involve releases of regulated substances from underground storage tanks that are not eligible to receive funds from the underground petroleum storage tank excess liability trust; and (2) not more than 11% of the funds expended for the corrective actions may be used to pay for administrative and personnel expenses incurred in carrying out the corrective actions. Allows the commissioner of the department of environmental management, under certain circumstances, to authorize the modification of a restrictive covenant that the owner of a property contaminated with a hazardous substance has been required to execute and record. Provides for the administrative and personnel expenses incurred by the state in evaluating a proposed modification of a restrictive covenant to be paid from the hazardous substances response trust fund, and requires the environmental rules board to adopt rules providing for the recovery of those expenses by the state. Removes references to the solid waste management board, which was abolished on January 1, 2013.