Welfare matters; drug testing.

Authors: Representative Jud McMillin

Co-authors: Representative Eric Allan Koch, Representative Rebecca Kubacki, Representative Mark Messmer, Representative Wes Culver, Representative Timothy Neese, Representative Timothy Harman, Representative Randall Frye, Representative David Ober, Representative Todd Huston, Representative Ben Smaltz, Representative Rhonda Rhoads, Representative Dale DeVon, Representative Kevin Mahan, Representative Jim Lucas, Representative Robert Morris, Representative Heath VanNatter, Representative Mike Speedy, Representative P Eric Turner, Representative Steven Braun, Representative Woody Burton, Representative Matthew Ubelhor

Sponsors: Senator R Michael Young, Senator Carlin Yoder, Senator Ryan Mishler

Co-Sponsors: Senator Brandt Hershman, Senator James Smith, Senator Dennis Kruse

Advisors: Representative Eric Allan Koch, Representative Casey Cox, Representative John Bartlett


Requires the division of family resources to establish a statewide program that prohibits Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) assistance from being used for any food, food product, or beverage that is not permitted to be purchased under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Requires the office of the secretary of family and social services (office) to administer, not later than January 1, 2016, a drug testing program (program) for individuals who have been convicted of a controlled substance offense and are applying for or receiving TANF assistance or receiving TANF assistance on behalf of a child. Establishes requirements for the program and ineligibility penalties. Prohibits an individual who is ineligible to receive TANF assistance under the program from receiving assistance on behalf of a child and provides for an exception. Requires the office to collect data to assess and avoid discrimination in the program. Requires the office to provide information to the Indiana housing and community development authority and any division of the office that implements the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program concerning an individual who tests positive for controlled substances. Requires the department of workforce development to submit a report to the legislative council and the unemployment insurance oversight committee concerning certain unemployment topics.