Various education matters.

Authors: Representative Vernon Smith


Adds a definition of "state immunization registry". Provides that disaggregated staff performance evaluation results reported to the department of education by a school corporation are not subject to public record requests. Changes criteria under which a student may receive a graduation waiver. Repeals a provision that requires the chief administrative officer of a school to provide students and parents information concerning meningococcal disease. Removes a provision that school immunization records must be kept uniformly throughout Indiana. Requires the state department of health to publish a two year calendar of immunization requirements and recommendations. Removes a requirement that a school must provide a female student information concerning the link between cervical cancer and the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Provides that the parent of any student who has not received the required immunizations shall present the student to a health care provider whose scope of practice includes the administration of the immunization to receive the required immunity. (Current law requires the student to be presented to a physician.) Provides that the health care provider who administers the required vaccines to a student shall enter each immunization administered to the student into the state immunization registry. Provides that each school shall require the parent of a student who has enrolled in the school to furnish proof of the student's immunization status either as a written document from the authorized source or documentation provided from the state immunization registry. Eliminates a requirement for schools to submit to the state department of health a report pertaining to certain student immunizations. Requires the state department of health to obtain reports regarding the immunization status of students at the state level and on an aggregate basis by accessing the state immunization registry. Removes a provision that allows the state department of health to commence an action against a school for failing to enforce certain immunization compliance requirements. Changes from December 1 to October 1 the student count date for special education grants. Changes the state tuition support amount to be used in the calculation of a choice scholarship. Makes technical corrections.