Addiction treatment and services.

Authors: Representative Charlie Brown

Co-authors: Representative Edward Clere

Sponsors: Senator Patricia Miller, Senator Lindel Hume


Changes the name of the mental health services development programs board to the mental health and addiction services development programs board (board). Adds three members to the board. Removes requirement for a unanimous vote by certain members to take action on the development program or training track program. Requires the board to meet at least quarterly each year. (Currently the board must meet at least twice a year.) Amends the purposes of the board. Adds the following persons as eligible for the loan forgiveness program: (1) psychiatrists pursuing fellowship training and certification in addiction psychiatry; (2) addiction counselors; and (3) mental health professionals. Allows recipients to work in state funded addiction treatment centers. Changes the names of the accounts that fund the loan forgiveness and development programs. Provides that certain psychiatrists may receive loan forgiveness grants for not more than five years. Requires the board to give consideration to annually funding two psychiatrists pursuing fellowship training and certification in addiction psychiatry. Requires the division of mental health and addiction to provide administrative support for the board and the integrated behavioral health and addiction treatment development program account. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the commission on mental health and addiction.)