Public works projects.

Authors: Representative Alan Morrison

Co-authors: Representative Michael Karickhoff, Representative Matt Pierce

Sponsors: Senator James Banks, Senator Luke Kenley, Senator Ron Alting

Advisors: Representative Michael Karickhoff, Representative Doug Gutwein, Representative Sue Errington, Representative Sheila Klinker


Amends the public works statute applicable to state universities so that contracts for small projects of a state university can be performed under a quotation procedure rather than a bid procedure. Increases dollar thresholds for state educational institution capital projects. Provides that the commission for higher education may authorize Ball State University to pay project costs for the construction and renovation of health and basic sciences facilities, including Cooper Science, and that these costs may be reimbursed by the state, if the project is recommended by the commission for higher education to the general assembly. Modifies the per campus limits on the amount of outstanding bonds that a state educational institution may issue for qualified energy savings contracts. Provides that a project that causes a state educational institution, other than Ivy Tech Community College, to have outstanding debt for projects of more than $15 million must produce operating savings in the first ten years that are at least equal to the initial debt for the project. Removes the separate limit on the amount of outstanding bonds that Ivy Tech Community College may issue for qualified energy savings contracts. Specifies that refunding bonds supported by fee replacement appropriations must be approved by the budget agency and must result in a savings as set forth in a finding by the board of trustees of the state educational institution. Specifies that refunding bonds may not have a longer term than the outstanding bonds to be refunded.