Emergency management service.

Authors: Representative Terry Goodin


Provides that a medical professional who is a full-time employee of the state, a municipal corporation, or a private employer may not be disciplined: (1) for responding to a call (call) for emergency management purposes under certain circumstances; or (2) if injured in responding to a call, due to the injury or absence from employment due to the injury if the employee presents certain documentation concerning the injury. Provides that an employee who is disciplined by a political subdivision employer or private employer for a permitted absence for a call may bring a civil action against the employer within one year of the discipline to recover back wages, fringe benefits, seniority rights, and reinstatement to the employee's former position. Provides that a public servant who permits or authorizes an employee of a municipal corporation or the state under the public servant's supervision to be absent from employment for a call does not commit ghost employment.