Feed-in tariff for renewable energy facilities.

Authors: Representative Matt Pierce


Requires the utility regulatory commission (IURC) to adopt rules to establish an electric utility feed-in tariff (FIT) program. Provides that the rules adopted must do the following: (1) Require all jurisdictional electric utilities (utilities) to offer a FIT to eligible customers (including persons that are not existing customers of the electric utility) not later than July 1, 2015. (2) Require utilities, upon the request of an eligible customer, to enter into a contract, for a term of at least 20 years, for the purchase of electricity generated by a renewable energy facility (facility) located in Indiana at a site at which the utility provides, or will provide, retail electric service to the eligible customer. (3) Prohibit a utility from requiring a minimum size or capacity for participating facilities, subject to any: (A) program participation cap; or (B) maximum size or capacity limit (which must allow facilities with less than 20 megawatt capacities to participate) for any one participating facility; that the IURC may approve. (4) Establish appropriate standards for interconnections between facilities and utilities' electric systems. (5) Establish appropriate FITs for participating facilities, with separate rates for electricity generated from each type of qualifying renewable energy resource under the program. (6) Require that any renewable energy credit or clean energy credit earned by a utility under the program be retired. (7) Prohibit an electric utility from requiring that a person that otherwise qualifies to participate in the electric utility's FIT program to be a customer of the electric utility for any period of time before enrolling in the electric utility's FIT program. Requires the IURC to ensure that the program complies with certain federal laws, regulations, and orders. Requires the IURC to develop and make available a standard contract for use by utilities in entering into contracts with eligible customers under the program. Provides that a nonjurisdictional electric utility may offer a FIT program to eligible customers at any time under terms and conditions that: (1) are just and reasonable to the utility's customers and in the public interest; and (2) comply with certain federal laws, regulations, and orders, to the extent applicable. Requires the IURC to include certain information concerning the program in its annual report to the regulatory flexibility committee.