State and local tax matters.

Authors: Representative P Eric Turner

Co-authors: Representative Charlie Brown

Sponsors: Senator Brandt Hershman, Senator Travis Holdman

Advisors: Representative David Ober, Representative Steven Stemler, Representative Terry Goodin


Provides that certain calculations concerning the capture of state revenue in a motorsports investment district are based on calendar years rather than state fiscal years. Requires the Indiana motorsports commission to establish a motorsports facility fund if a motorsports investment district is established. Provides that during the term of the written agreement the commission shall each state fiscal year deposit in the motorsports facility fund at least $2,000,000 solely from payments by the motorsports facility owners. Provides that the motorsports facility fund reverts to the state general fund on June 30 of each year. Requires the commission to request an appropriation in each state fiscal year that the written agreement is in effect equal to the amount deposited into the motorsports facility fund. Provides that the amount of the appropriation must be deposited into the motorsports investment district fund. Requires the department of state revenue to annually notify entities of the incremental tax amounts and the reversion amount from the motorsports facility fund. Provides that an entity is not considered to have Indiana income for purposes of the state income tax merely because of certain logistics activities concerning the distribution of legend drugs, medical devices, or medical supplies that are conducted in Indiana by a third-party logistics provider. Repeals the following income tax credits: (1) Prison investment credit. (2) Riverboat building credit. (3) Blended biodiesel credit. (4) Ethanol production credit. (5) Voluntary remediation tax credit. (6) Energy savings tax credit. (7) New employer tax credit. Allows a taxpayer whose qualified investment to build or refurbish a riverboat is certified by the Indiana economic development corporation before January 1, 2015, to claim a tax credit in the year that the qualified investment is made as if the riverboat building tax credit had not been repealed. Provides a credit against county economic development income taxes for taxes paid to local governments outside Indiana. Removes a reference to propane and butane in the special fuel tax law in conformance with HEA 1180-2014. Allows the department of state revenue to deny or suspend certain oversize and overweight vehicle permits if the applicant or permit holder is delinquent in paying escort fees to the state police department. Provides that all Indiana adjusted gross income tax return and financial institutions tax return due date extensions are treated the same as an extension granted because of a federal income tax due date extension. Requires the annual budget of the Lake County convention and visitor bureau to be published on the department of local government finance's gateway Internet web site. Extends the current Vanderburgh County innkeeper's tax revenue distributions through December 31, 2019. Specifies that aviation manufacturing, aviation assembly, and aviation research and development facilities are aviation related property or facilities for purposes of the airport law. Specifies the amount that shall be collected by the department of state revenue for registrations of vehicles in a commercial fleet, if the department adopts rules to implement staggered registration. Increases the maximum property tax levy for Washington Township in Hamilton County in 2015. Requires the office of the secretary of family and social services to study and report on the benefits provided to individuals whose income does not exceed 200% of the federal income poverty level. Urges the legislative council to study issues related to holding the proceeds of the sale of a major county asset in trust.