Self-service storage facilities.

Authors: Representative Mike Speedy

Co-authors: Representative Justin Moed

Sponsors: Senator Scott Schneider, Senator James Banks, Senator James Arnold


Allows the owner of a self-storage facility to send a notice of default by verified mail or electronic mail. Provides that if: (1) the renter's stored property is a motor vehicle or watercraft; and (2) the renter does not pay an amount in default within 30 days after the owner's notice of the default; as an alternative to conducting a sale of the property, the owner may cause the renter's property to be towed or removed from the facility. Provides that in conducting a sale to enforce a lien under the statute, the owner, as an alternative to advertising the sale by publication in a newspaper, may advertise the sale in another commercially reasonable manner that is likely to attract at least three independent bidders to the sale. Provides that a sale to enforce a lien under the statute may be conducted through a publicly accessible Internet web site. Provides that: (1) a rental agreement may specify a limit on the value of personal property that may be stored in a rented space; and (2) if a rental agreement specifies such a limit, the limit specified is considered the maximum value of the renter's stored property.