Farm winery direct sales to a retailer or dealer.

Authors: Representative Mark Messmer

Co-authors: Representative Eric Allan Koch, Representative Terri Jo Austin, Representative Philip GiaQuinta, Representative Thomas Dermody

Sponsors: Senator Susan Glick, Senator Brent Steele, Senator James Arnold

Co-Sponsors: Senator Ronald Grooms


Allows a farm winery permittee to sell not more than a total of 5,000 gallons of wine during a permit year to a holder of a wine retailer's permit or a wine dealer's permit if the wine retailer's or wine dealer's licensed premises is located within the same county as the licensed premises of the farm winery or a county contiguous to that county. Requires that, if any provision of the law allowing farm winery permittees to sell to wine retailers and wine dealers is held invalid, the remaining provisions of that law must be construed in accordance with the intent of the legislature to further limit rather than to expand commerce in alcoholic beverages and to enhance strict regulatory control through the alcohol and tobacco commission and the three tier system of alcoholic beverage distribution