Child protection registry.

Authors: Representative David Ober

Co-authors: Representative Wendy McNamara, Representative Edward DeLaney


Requires the securities commissioner to establish, or contract with a third party to establish, a child protection registry. Permits a person to register a "contact point" that a minor owns, a minor has or could have access to, or is used in a household in which a minor is present. Defines a "contact point" as: (1) an electronic mail address; (2) an instant message identity; (3) a mobile or other telephone number; (4) a facsimile number; or (5) other certain electronic addresses. Permits: (1) a school; or (2) another institution that primarily serves minors; to register its domain name. Provides that a person may not send an adult communication to a contact point or domain name if the contact point or domain name has been registered with the securities commissioner for more than 30 days. Requires, with an exception, persons who send adult communications to check the registry to ensure compliance with the law. Makes it improper adult communication, a Class A misdemeanor, to knowingly or intentionally send, cause to be sent, or conspire with a third party to send an adult communication to a registered contact point or registered domain name. Makes it registry trespass, a Level 6 felony, to knowingly or intentionally: (1) use information obtained from the registry to commit improper adult communication; (2) check the registry to obtain a contact point from the registry or attempt to obtain a contact point from the registry for purposes other than to determine whether the contact point is a registered contact point; (3) use information from the registry to send a solicitation; or (4) transfer to another person information from the registry knowing the other person intends to use the information to send a solicitation. Provides for civil enforcement.