Companion animal sterilization program.

Authors: Representative Linda Lawson

Co-authors: Representative Michael Karickhoff, Representative Sue Errington


Establishes the Indiana companion animal sterilization fund (fund) and the Indiana companion animal sterilization program under the administration of Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana, Inc., to provide at no charge to a Medicaid recipient spaying or neutering services for a dog or a cat owned or harbored by the Medicaid recipient. Adds the fund as a charitable purpose to which an individual may choose to give all or part of the individual's income tax refund. Imposes a fee of $50 on the sale of an unsterilized cat or dog at retail. Increases the fee collected from distributors of pet food paid annually for inspection of pet food sold in packages of 10 pounds or less from $50 to $80. Provides that the fee imposed on sales of unsterilized cats and dogs at retail and the increases in the pet food inspection fee are paid into the fund. Appropriates money in the fund.