Regulation of residential rental property.

Authors: Representative Jud McMillin

Co-authors: Representative Terri Jo Austin, Representative Heath VanNatter, Representative P Eric Turner

Sponsors: Senator Travis Holdman, Senator Randall Head

Advisors: Representative Harold Slager, Representative Heath VanNatter, Representative Mara Candelaria Reardon


Provides that the owner of a rental unit assessed any fee by a political subdivision pertaining to the rental unit may: (1) notify the tenants of the rental unit of the assessment of the fee; and (2) require the tenants of the rental unit to reimburse the owner for the payment of the fee. (Current law refers to "inspection, registration, or other fee".) Requires fees regarding rental units and rental communities to be deposited in a dedicated fund to for reimbursement of costs actually incurred by the political subdivision relating to the imposition and amount of the fee. Restricts the circumstances and conditions in which a political subdivision may require a rental unit's owner or landlord to obtain a permit. Allows an owner of a rental unit to obtain an exemption from a political subdivision's inspection and inspection fee requirements if the rental unit satisfies certain requirements. Allows a political subdivision to impose a penalty for an act constituting a nuisance or ordinance violation. Allows a successful county, city, or town or a successful defendant to recover attorney's fees incurred in a nuisance action. Provides that a political subdivision may assess an annual registration fee. Repeals superseded statutes relating to local regulation of residential landlord and tenant relations.