Technical session corrections.

Authors: Representative Gregory Steuerwald

Co-authors: Representative Jud McMillin, Representative Linda Lawson, Representative Matt Pierce

Sponsors: Senator Brandt Hershman, Senator James Arnold, Senator Brent Steele


Conforms a provision intended to temporarily impose the sales tax on natural gas sold to fuel motor vehicles that provide public transportation for persons or property to the changes in terminology made in HEA 1180-2014 concerning natural gas, propane, and butane used as motor fuel. Resolves a conflict concerning conflicting effective dates in certain provisions affecting the bureau of motor vehicles. Permits a law enforcement officer who has probable cause to arrest a person who has committed theft, even if the theft was not committed in the officer's presence. Corrects an internal reference concerning the penalty for child seduction. Specifies when certain weight related drug enhancements apply, and conforms certain weight related provisions related to possession of marijuana and hashish to other drug offenses. Makes the penalty for a Level 1 felony committed by a credit restricted felon the same as the penalty for a Class A felony committed by a credit restricted felon.