Microbreweries and artisan distilleries.

Authors: Senator James Banks, Senator Ron Alting, Senator Carlin Yoder

Co-authors: Senator James Arnold, Senator Lonnie Randolph

Sponsors: Representative Edward Clere

Co-Sponsors: Representative Casey Cox, Representative Christina Hale, Representative Karlee Macer


Requires that, for a brewery to qualify as a microbrewery, the entire brewing process of the beer must occur in Indiana. Allows a small brewer to sell the brewer's beer to consumers for carryout at a farmers' market that is operated on a nonprofit basis, in a quantity of not more than 576 ounces per consumer at any one time. Allows a microbrewery, with the approval of the alcohol and tobacco commission, to participate in a trade show or an exposition for not more than 45 days in a calendar year. Allows the holder of an artisan distiller's permit that also holds a microbrewery permit to hold a retailer permit for a restaurant. Makes an exception to a provision that prohibits the holder of an artisan distiller's, a distiller's, or a rectifier's permit to own, acquire, possess, or cause to be transferred to the holder shares of stock of a corporation that holds an Indiana permit to sell alcoholic beverages at retail, or in a permit to sell at retail in Indiana, or to own or acquire an interest in the business being conducted under the permit, or in or to shares of stock in a corporation that owns a permit to sell at retail.