Petitions for adoption.

Authors: Senator Joseph Zakas, Senator Brent Steele, Senator John Broden

Co-authors: Senator Lonnie Randolph, Senator Rodric Bray, Senator Randall Head

Sponsors: Representative Kathy Richardson

Co-Sponsors: Representative Rebecca Kubacki


Prohibits granting an adoption while certain appeals are pending. Provides that the court in which a petition for adoption has been filed has exclusive jurisdiction over the child if there is a petition for adoption and a paternity action pending at the same time. (Current law provides exclusive jurisdiction when there is a petition for adoption and a petition for paternity pending.) Urges the legislative council to assign to an appropriate study committee the task of studying whether a father who has abandoned a birth mother during pregnancy should be required to consent to the adoption of the child. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the commission on courts.)