Property transfer.

Authors: Senator Brent Steele, Senator R Michael Young, Senator Susan Glick

Co-authors: Senator Lonnie Randolph, Senator Lindel Hume, Senator Joseph Zakas, Senator John Waterman

Sponsors: Representative Jud McMillin

Co-Sponsors: Representative Gregory Steuerwald, Representative Eric Allan Koch


Specifies the appraisal procedure to be used when selling property at auction in a partition action, and provides that the parties may waive appraisal and valuation. Permits any person with an interest in property being sold at a sheriff's sale in a partition action to request that the court order the sale be conducted by an auctioneer. Makes a technical correction. Provides that a person may claim title by adverse possession without having paid property taxes and special assessments due on the property if the person is a governmental entity or other person exempt from the payment of property taxes and special assessments.